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As your business grows, it may become harder to do every aspect of production on your leather goods. Let The Leather Guy lend you a hand! 

We’ll help you save your time and sanity by tackling some of the more tedious parts of your work. Need 50 wallet pockets cut quickly? Need a few hundred purse straps? Looking to brand the corners of your journals with your logo? We can do it and keep you on schedule! 

-Strap Cutting

-Custom Leather Die Cuts


-Lace Cutting- Bulk and Private Label

Strap Cutting

leather strap cutting, leather belt

We can cut oil tanned, vegetable tanned, bridle, and other stiffer tempered leathers into straps from ½” to 2” wide.  

We will cut the entire hide into straps the longest way to get the best yield. 

Lead time is two business days from the day you placed the order to the day it ships.  If purchasing more than one hide please note which of the hides is being cut. All scraps will be sent unless otherwise noted. Custom strap cutting orders are nonrefundable. 

$20 per hide, up to 5 hides

$15 per additional hide after 5 hides

$10 additional fee if requesting more than one strap width per hide

If you have any special requests, please include them in the notes of your order. Requests may include “only cut 5 straps and send the rest of the hide uncut” or “please cut half the hide ½ inch wide and the other half 1 inch wide”.  We will email an invoice for any additional charges that come from your requests. These invoices will need to be paid before we can process your order. 


Custom Leather Die Punch

leather die cutting, custom leather die

Send us a .pdf, a detailed drawing, or a physical template of the design or part you want a die produced for and we will digitize it and get a quote for the finished die. 

Custom die prices range from $60-$250, but can go higher depending on the complexity of the design. For reference, the circle design above cost $130.

To avoid our non refundable design fee of $100, ensure your submission comes with as much information as possible. The pictures below feature a good hand drawn submission that we can start on right away while the other is a poor hand drawn submission that would require a design fee to clean it up and ensure we are getting the correct measurements. If you send a physical template, please ensure every detail and measurement is correct. We will make the die identical to your template. If you request additional changes that we must add to the design, we will have to charge you the design fee.

custom leather die cutter 

If for any reason we cannot complete your design, we will let you know right away and figure out if we can help you any other way!

We will submit the final design to you for approval and the die punch can be ready to go within 7 business days of said approval. Please note, your approval is binding and there will be no refunds on dies made with designs you signed off on. Sorry, we have a be little mean sometimes.

We will keep the die here in shop and do all the labor of clicking your leather orders for you, with a small service fee each time we do (0.50 per click). Clicking orders typically have a turnaround time of 1-2 business days, depending on the size of the order.

Should you eventually upgrade your shop and have a press capable of clicking your leather with your die, let us know and we will ship the die out to you immediately! 

Custom clicking orders are nonrefundable. Please note, for liability reasons, we will only click/cut leather that was purchased from The Leather Guy.


leather embossing, leather debossing, custom leather stamp

To order an embossing or debossing stamp, we ask that you send us an .eps, .jpg, .pdf or an exact drawing of the design you want to stamp onto your leather.  We will design the stamp and send you the quote for the tooling of the stamp. As we mentioned with the die design, we ask for the most information you can provide. Measurements are crucial to ensuring you get the right stamp. If we are required to do any additional design work, we will have to charge a design fee. We will let you know if that is the case. 

If you agree to the pricing and the final design, the tool can be ready for production in approximately 10-14 business days after the invoice has been paid. Stamp prices range from $80-$250 but can go higher depending on the complexity or size of the design. For reference, the above 4 inch coaster design cost $220.

We can keep the stamp here in shop and do all the work of embossing your leather orders for you, with a small service fee each time we do (0.50 per stamp). Or we can send it right out to you once complete so you can brand your items yourself! 

Embossings are nonrefundable. Please note, for liability reasons, we will only stamp leather that was purchased from The Leather Guy.

Lace Cutting- Bulk and Private Label

leather lace, colorado leather goods, leather made in america

Here at The Leather Guy, we manufacture a lot of the lace that we sell in our shop. From Colorado Deer to Minnesota Cow lace. If you’re making your own boots, creating massive amounts of fringe, or just using a lot of lace each month, you may want to consider placing bulk orders. Reach out to us about pricing for large scale orders. 

And hey, if you love our lace and want to sell it in your shop, we even offer Private Label lace cutting. We’ll provide the lace and you slap your name on it.

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