Soft Rabbit Fur Pelts - Packs & Singles

From $6.50

  • White / Off White
  • Natural Earth Tone
  • Mix
Sheepskin Seat Belt Covers


  • Cream
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
Soft Sheepskin Rugs Finished Suede Back Footwear 3/4" Wool

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  • Black
  • Misty Gold
  • Sand
  • Walnut
Soft Sheepskin Rugs 1/4" Wool

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  • White
  • Coffee
  • Black
  • Tawny
Soft Sheepskin Rugs 1" Wool

From $87.00

  • Golden
  • Taupe
  • White
  • Black
The natural colors vary from hide to hide, as do the patterns in the hair. Each one is completely unique to itself. Deerskin has a soft, plush hair, making a wonderful lining for jackets or slippers. Most of these hides are also commonly used for historical reenactments. Hair-on pieces also serve as excellent padding from saddles to motorcycle seats, even in bed for an extra layer of comfort! When it comes to the cow and goat specifically, inlays, as well as, upholstery are some other excellent uses. If you’re looking for pre-cuts or earring blanks, we have those in a separate section that is listed in the menu above. Feel free to get creative with these hides!