Quick and Easy Leather Squaring Service

What does “squaring leather” mean?

We realize that this phrase gets used for a couple of different things. In our case, we are talking about providing you with a straight edge on your leather side.

When you purchase the side and add this service to your cart, we simply take your selected leather, and cut the edge into a perfectly straight line.

This term can also refer to cutting a square or rectangle out of the center of your side. While we do not offer this cutting service, this is typically done in order to ensure you use the best leather in the hide for your piece. Or, you just need one big, solid piece for the project you are working on.

Why do I need to cut a straight edge on my leather?

There’s a number of reasons having a straight edge can be beneficial when working with your leather.

  • -Gives you a clean line to square up templates.
  • -Gives you the smooth edge you need to use a strap cutter.
  • -Gives you an even edge to measure from.

What happens to the pieces that are cut off?

You paid for the whole side, and we’ll be sure you get it!

Any scraps left over after we perform a service cut is still yours to do with as you please. It will be included in your shipment so you can make use of every inch of leather you bought.

Now that we’ve gotten all that info out of the way, you can go ahead and shop our great selection of leather sides! Once you have your leather picked out, add the service and checkout!

As always, please reach out to us if you have questions that weren’t answered here. You can call us at 507-932-3795 or email us at sales@theleatherguy.org.