Custom Leather Strap Cutting Service

Strap Cutting Service

Your trusty leather strap cutter has come in handy many times when making a handbag or belt. However, once your business starts growing, you’re going to have so many more straps to cut out. In fact, you’ll be using full sides or hides just for straps!

Cutting your straps one by one is a major time investment. And as more orders roll in, maybe not an investment you’re willing to commit to anymore.

That’s where we come in!

What leather can be cut into straps?

We can cut the following types of leather into high quality straps:

  • - Oil Tanned
  • - Vegetable Tanned
  • - Bridle
  • - Any other semi-stiff or stiff leather hides

What width of leather straps can I have cut?

Strap widths are available from ½” to 2” wide!

Straps one inch wide or thinner are typically used for handbag straps, small bracelets, detail work, ladies belts, leather watch straps, and more.

Straps one to two inches wide are often used for belts, camera straps, larger bag straps, dog leashes, and more.

Keep them plain and simple, line them, stitch them. However you decide to use them is up to you!

Stitched Straps

How do I order the strap cutting service?

How to order strap cutting

It’s simple! Pick the leather side you want cut into straps and put it in your cart.

Go to the listing for strap cutting, and pick the size straps you want the side cut into. Specify the hide you want cut and add that to your cart.

Checkout and we will do the rest! In 5-7 days, you’ll have your precision cut straps in your hands, ready to go. Easy as that.

Do you offer any discounts on this service?

Discounts for our Pro Members

We sure do!

If you need 5 or more sides cut into straps, the fee goes down to $20 each.

If you are one of our Pro members, you get 15% off our services. Not a Pro? Find more information about business accounts here.

So there you have it, not only can we save you time, but money as well, taking your leather craft game to the next level!

Now for some red tape because we gotta be the bad guy sometimes:

This service is for full side purchases only. Sorry, we will not cut scrap, pre-cuts, or project pieces. If you need five sides to be cut into straps, please add five fees to your cart.

This service does not include any leather. You must purchase the leather as well as the service.

One size strap per side please. If you need more than one size strap cut, please purchase another side and fee.

There are no refunds on custom orders so please ensure you have selected the correct sizes and leather. If you are unsure, please contact us at, before placing your order, and we will help you out!