Custom Leather Strap Cutting Service

What leather can be cut into straps?

We can cut the following types of leather into high-quality straps:

Oil Tanned

Vegetable Tanned


Sorry, we cannot cut anything other than these leather types into straps.

What width of leather straps can I have cut?

Strap widths are available from ⅜” to 3 ¾” wide!

Keep them plain and simple, line them, stitch them. How ever you decide to use them is up to you!

How long will it take for the straps to be cut?

Our turnaround time for strap cutting is 2 weeks.

However, if you need them sooner, shoot us an email at and we can add a rush fee to your order.

$25 - Normal Rush Fee - Done in 5 Business Days*

$50 - Ultra Rush Fee - Done in 2 Business Days*

*Please note this is production time. Shipping times will depend on what you choose at checkout.

What strap width should I get?

Not sure what width you need us to cut the straps to? Look no further than the guide below!

How do I properly order the strap-cutting service?

First, ensure you have the leather you want cut into straps added to your cart.

Next, navigate to our Strap Cutting Service listing and choose your width. Add the SKU of the side you want cut to the text box and add to cart.

You can find the product SKU by looking on the product's page below the available quantity.

If you requesting to cut multiple sides into multiple widths follow the above process to correctly attribute each side to the desired with.

* PLEASE NOTE: This cost is for the service only. You will need to separately add the leather to be cut to your cart.

Do you offer any discounts on this service?

We sure do! If you need 5 or more sides cut into straps, the fee goes down to $20 each.

If you are one of our Pro members, you get 15% off our services.

Interested in learning more about our business accounts? Find the page here!

Now for the "Please Note" portion...

As expected, we have to have some stipulations in place.

  • First and foremost, this service does not include any leather. You must purchase the leather as well as the service.
  • This service is for side and project piece purchases only. Sorry, we will not cut scrap or pre-cuts.
  • If you need five sides or project pieces to be cut into straps, you will need to add five fees, respective to the width needed, to your cart.
  • You will need to add another fee if you need your side or project piece cut into more than one width.