Sometimes, cutting every single little piece of leather by hand can be tedious and time consuming.

You’ve nailed your design. Your customers love it. You need to make a ton more before the next street fair or website restock.

But you only have two hands and 24 hours in a day. Less if you sleep or eat or hang out with your family (you should absolutely do all of those things, by the way). How can you cut down your time to ensure you hit your production goals?

A custom clicking die is the way to go!

Whether your design is a handbag with 7 panels, or a small billfold with one pocket, having a die will save you hours each week.

And good news…we can help with that!

What is a clicking die?

A clicking (or cutting) die is a pre-shaped tool that can be used with specific machinery to cut material into a desired shape or size.

The metal dies we provide are called a “Steel Rule Die”. Steel Rule is a thin strip of sharpened steel. That steel is then shaped to your design's dimensions, and embedded in a piece of acrylic.

This die works great with both table top, hand operated clicker presses as well as large hydraulic presses, like the ones we use here in the shop. These dies cannot be used in machines like a Sizzix or with a mallet. They will need a press to work and stand the test of time.

How do I order a custom leather die?

Prepare your design.

First, create an extremely detailed drawing, a .PDF file, or a physical template of your design.

Details are the key to making sure your die is correct. So what details do we need to know?

  • 1. The measurements of all sides.
  • 2. The size of holes for hardware.
  • 3. The measurements of any windows or openings that may be found in the body of the piece.

Please bear in mind, we are not a design service. We cannot create a design from scratch for you. You must have a well thought out design of your own for us to help you turn it into a cutting die.

Double check that all your notes and measurements are correct. The die will be created off your information, so be sure it is exactly what you need. Once a die is made, it cannot be changed.

Alright, so you have your design ready. What’s next?

Custom Die Costs

Each design is different, so these prices are just estimates. Custom die prices range from $60-$250, but can go higher depending on the complexity of the design.

This table to the right should give you a good idea of what pricing to expect before you begin the process.

Details are the key to making sure your die is correct. So what details do we need to know?

Submitting your design

Here at The Leather Guy, we ask for a downpayment before we begin the die making process. Don’t worry, this money goes towards the cost of your die!

However, it is nonrefundable should you decide you no longer want to create a die after we have gone through the design process with you.

Once you have paid the down payment, you will receive an email with all the details we need from your end to get started. That will include sending your design to us.

As we mentioned earlier, you can send this design as a .PDF, a detailed drawing, or a handmade template. Check for the email to find out where and how to send everything.

Creating your leather die

We will email you the final design and pricing for you to approve.

Once you have signed off on the design, we will send you an invoice for any remaining fees. Please note, your approval locks you in and there will be no refunds on dies made with designs you signed off on. Sorry, we have to be a little mean sometimes.

After payment the die cutter can be ready to go within 7 business days.

You then have two options. We can keep the die here in our shop and do the cutting for you. Or, we can ship the die right to your home.

If you decide to keep the die here in our shop, we can do all the labor of clicking your leather orders, with a small service fee each time we do (0.75 per click, 0.64 if you have a Pro account).

Clicking orders typically have a turnaround time of 1-2 week turnaround, depending on the size of the order. Your order may be delayed if we do not have your requested leather in stock, though this rarely happens.

Should you eventually upgrade your shop and have a press capable of clicking leather with your die, let us know and we will ship the die out to you immediately! It is your die, we’re just storing it for you.

And now for some red tape: Custom clicking orders are nonrefundable. For liability reasons, we will only click/cut leather that was purchased from The Leather Guy.

Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s get your leather cutting game sped up! Start the process here and let us get cracking on your high quality leather die!

If you have any further questions that were not addressed here, please reach out to us at and we can try and help in any way we can.