Custom Leather Clicking & Cutting Dies

Minimum Order Requirements

We no longer sell dies for you to purchase and use yourself. The only dies that will be available for purchase are the ones to be used in our press machines on leather we sell. If you desire to have a custom die made for personal use, please reach out to our manufacturer Apple Die.

What costs should you factor in?

Dies can range from $100-$500+. The more intricate the design, the more the die will typically cost. Hole punches can add up quickly. The clicking service fee is 0.75 per piece, or 0.64 if you have a Pro account. You cannot put as many parts on one die to avoid the .75 fee because the fee is per part not per click. You are also responsible for the purchase of the leather itself.

How do you order your leather die?

The largest dies we can make are 39”x19”. The die will be created off the file you send us, so double-triple-quadruple-check that everything looks correct. The more dimensions the better because once the die is made we cannot change it! Send the high-quality, CAD file, .JPG or .PDF file, and dimensions to to get the die quoted.

Details are the key to making sure your die is correct. So what details do we need to know?

  • The measurements of all sides.
  • The size of holes for hardware.
  • The measurements of any windows or openings that may be found in the body of the piece.