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Crocodile, 15" - 47", 6-7 oz Back Straps

From $30.00

  • Black
  • Black with Crown
  • Black w/o Crown
  • Brick Red
  • +24
Bulk Leather Oil Tanned Black or Brown Cow Side 5-6 oz


  • Dark Brown (18-20sf)
  • Black (18-20sf)
Glamorous Glitter Smooth Patent 3-4 oz Leather Fashion Cow Hides
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Glamorous Glitter Smooth Patent 3-4 oz Leather Fashion Cow Hides

$20.00 $90.00

  • Rainbow Black
  • Gusty Gun Metal
Ostrich Leg Skins, 12"-16", 2-3 oz, Glazed


  • Taupe
  • Ink Black
  • Classic Burgundy
  • Sunny Yellow
  • +24
Bulk Buckskin Deer Hides Various Colors 4-5 oz
36% Off
Bulk Buckskin Deer Hides Various Colors 4-5 oz

$60.00 $94.50

  • Smoke
  • Saddle
  • Gold
  • White
  • +3
Stingray Skins, 13" x 7", 3-4 oz.


  • Bellflower Lavender
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Royal Purple
  • Aqua Blue
  • +4
Exotic Prints, 9" x 9", 1-2 oz Lizard Skins


  • Blue/Grey
  • Cheetah Gold/Green
  • Rust/Cream
  • Gold/Black
  • +23
Ostrich Leg Skins, 12"-16", 2-3 oz, Stonewashed


  • Brandy Brown
  • Bright Cherry Pink
  • Bright Lime Green
  • Faded Black
  • +9

The Leather Guy has worked for over 22 years to build partnerships with many different leather tanneries all across the globe. This has allowed us to offer our customers a huge selection of hides and sides in hundreds of different colors and styles to choose from. In addition to styles, we have a wide range of sizes and cuts of leather goods available. We offer Full Hides, which are typically 40-60 square foot, and Sides which are approximately 18-24 square foot. If you’re looking for something different, or a smaller size take a look at our project pieces which vary in sizes from 1-10 sq ft. We make it easy for you to find what you need with a plethora of filters and navigational tools. Keep an eye out for additional information in product or category descriptions. These will house information on the unique qualities of the chosen leather, as well as, potential project ideas.

Whether you’re a seasoned leathercrafter, or just wanting to try your hand at a project for the first time you have come to the right place….we have something for everyone! Want to learn more about leather, or just need a refresher? Head over to our blog at Leather 101.