Leather and Wood Branding Irons
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Leather and Wood Branding Irons

Our Handcrafted American Made branding irons are a perfect nod to the old western brands of the past. If you are looking for some rustic charm for your art or craft project these brands will get the job done.

Need a unique Wedding decoration or center piece? These rustic brands will help make your special day unique to you and your new life.

These brands work well on popular materials including wood items such as cabinets, tables, desks, shelving, fencing, mail boxes, and decorative pieces. Leather hides, wallets, bags, and journals. Food items such as burgers, steaks, and buns. Other materials you can apply brands on include denim, cardstock, canvas, rubber, and suede.

Looking for a Groomsmen gift, just picture your best friends grilling that perfect steak using their own branding iron. That’s a gift that keeps on giving! Speaking on gifts this makes a perfect Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary or “Just Because” gift for the special guy in your life.

Maybe you need an easy and inexpensive decoration piece next to your fireplace or in the “Man Cave”. The Leather Guy branding irons have a loop that the end of each handle where you can hang them or add a piece of leather lace to the loop to create the perfect accent to any room.

Each branding iron is handcrafted American made steel that measures 10” in length including the handle. The brand will vary in height and width depending on the shape of the brand you choose.

 To get a feel for best dwell time and temperature required for your project it is best practice to first test on scraps. For best results using a small propane torch will quickly and evenly heat the brand, it is also important to make sure to apply pressure evenly to ensure a uniform impression. If you don’t have a torch the iron will need to be heated on a stove or grill for about 10 minutes, or more depending on the material you're branding. If heating is done over an open flame heating time will vary depending on how close the brand is held over the flames, the material you're branding, how dark you would like the brand to be, and its head size.

Exercise caution when heating irons as they will become very hot and will require the use of thick gloves when handling. When cooling the iron make sure to place it horizontally to not damage the brand.

Lastly if you have questions or need any tips please let us know, if you have projects completed using our branding iron and want to share them with us…we would love to see them!