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About Our American-Made, Steel Branding Irons

These irons are easy to use and offer an inexpensive, yet effective, way to achieve your craft branding goals. Each iron measures 10" in length, which includes the handle. The brand's width and height itself varies by shape.


Common Uses

Popular materials include wood items such as cabinets, tables, desks, shelving, fencing, mail boxes, and decorative pieces. Leather hides, wallets, bags, and journals. Food items such as burgers, steaks, and buns. Other materials you can apply brands on include denim, cardstock, canvas, rubber, and suede.


Heating Your Brand

To get a feel for best dwell time and temperature required for your project it is best practice to first test your branding iron on scraps until you feel comfortable. For best results it is important to make sure to apply pressure evenly to ensure a uniform impression.  You may also need to rock the brand back and forth and from side to side to make sure each corner is branding.

Branding irons are heated through a few different methods. Firstly, a propane torch will heat it the quickest, but this method can cause uneven heating, ultimately causing an uneven burn. Secondly, a stove or grill for about 10 minutes. Thirdly, an open flame can also be used.  Please note that the brand does not need to become white or red-hot to work as it can cause the brand to start burning up the edges and create unclean lines. Heating time will vary depending on the distance between the brand and the flames, the material you're branding, how dark you would like the brand to be, and its head size.

Exercise caution when heating irons as they will become very hot and will require the use of thick gloves when handling. When cooling the iron make sure to place it horizontally to not damage the brand.