Traditional Native American Craft Supplies

From hand drums and ceremonial rattles to medicine bags and clothing, we have many hides tanned in more traditional fashions to meet the needs of a traditional craft.

Buckskin Leather


Soft and stretchy buckskin makes for extremely comfortable jackets, vests, and more. Lightweight and breathable, there is a reason it is one of the oldest continually used leathers in the world.

We also sell buckskin scrap by the pound for smaller projects or decorative applications.

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Brain-Tanned Deer

Brain-Tanned Deer

We have deer and elk hides available in the more traditional commercial brain-tanned, complete with the strong smoke aromas, ready to be fashioned into clothing.

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Rawhide Leather

Rawhide Leather

For drum and rattle artisans we have rawhide aplenty, ready to be stretched and formed into beautiful instruments.

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Sinew and Leather Lace

Sinew and Leather Lace

Find sinew and deerskin lace to stitch together your pieces or add fringe and color. Perfect for jewelry, medicine bags, dreamcatchers, and more.

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Bison/Buffalo Leahther

Bison/Buffalo Leather

We have full hair-on bison robes to sides of the gorgeous grain of bison leather. These hides make for beautiful bags and boots.

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Furs and Pelts

Furs and Pelts

From beaver to rabbit furs; Many furs are available as scrap for a more economical option, but you can also find full skins and tails for larger projects.

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If you run or organize classes and workshops and need to pay with state or federal grant money, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help you complete your order!