Strap Cutting Service Fee

Strap Width


Strap widths are available from ⅜” to 3 ¾” wide!  Use the straps for purses, belts, and more!


We can cut the following types of leather into straps:
  • Oil Tanned
  • Vegetable Tanned
  • Bridle

Volume Discount: 6+ sides will be $20 each.
Lead Time: 2 weeks

If you need your straps quicker than the two-week lead time, you will need to contact us at:


How many straps will you get from one side?

A 23 square foot side ranges from 25" wide, and narrower the higher in the neck you get, to 32" and wider at the bottom.  For 3/4" straps this means you will get at least 33 and up to 42 straps.  For 1.5" straps this means you will get at least 16 and up to 21 straps.  You will get straps of varying length including 48" in the belly and as long as 96" on some sides.  These are just estimates so the unique shape of each side will vary the end result.

If you need more than one size strap cut from your side, we will need to charge an additional $10 to reset the machine. Please let us know how many of each size you need in your order notes. We will send an invoice for the additional fee that will need to be paid before we send your order out.



This service is for side purchases only. Fee is per side. If you need 5 sides to be cut, please add 5 fees to your cart. This fee is for cutting only and includes no leather.

When you purchase this service, along with the leather to be cut, the entire side or project piece will be cut into straps.  You will have a variety of different length straps arriving in your order. 

There are no refunds on custom orders so please ensure you have selected the correct sizes and leather. If you are unsure, please contact us at, before placing your order, and we will help you out!


Inspiration/Common Uses

Leather Plant Hangers

Leather Watch Strap

Leather Belt

Leather Dog Collar

Leather Blanket/Yoga Mat Strap