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Embossed Veg Tan Coasters

Looking to add your own touch to your leather? Consider getting a custom leather embossing stamp!

Whether you need it for a special occasion or you plan on using it everyday in your leather shop, stamps can give your leather projects a custom look. If you have an idea for an image that you want on your leather goods, we can help you make it.

Examples of embossed items

Hold on a second, is it embossing or debossing?

There is a difference folks! Technically, what you are looking at above are actually called “debossing” stamps.

Embossing happens when you imprint your design from the backside of the leather, forcing the design up, causing a raised effect. Debossing is when you imprint your design into the top of the leather, causing a depressed effect.

However, most people refer to stamping in general as embossing, so that’s why we landed on using this term more often. But hey, now you know the difference!

What do I need a stamp for?

What do I need a stamp for?

Stamps can be used for a variety of things:

  • -Add your maker’s mark to all your pieces.
  • -Put a wedding date on leather coasters for a unique favor.
  • -Stamp phrases or sayings on your jewelry.

The uses are up to you, but these are the most common!

So, how do we make a custom leather stamp?

Create the design you want to stamp.

Hand draw a logo or a mascot. Hire someone on Fiverr to create an image for you. Use a free design program to put together a fun design. Bear in mind, the simpler the design, the less expensive the stamp will be!

Determine the sizing for your design. Factor in how you will be using it. Is it meant to go in the corner of wallets or span the width of a leather bracelet?

Save your design as .JPG or .PDF.

What do I need a stamp for?

How expensive are custom stamps?

Stamp prices range from $75-$250 but can go higher depending on the complexity or size of the design. For reference, the 4 inch coaster design to the right cost $220.

A small, simple maker’s mark that measures 1”x1” typically costs around $75-85.

Order your leather stamp.

Here at The Leather Guy, we ask for a downpayment before we begin the stamp making process. Don’t worry, this money goes towards the cost of your stamp!

However, it is nonrefundable should you decide you no longer want to create your stamp after we have gone through the set-up process with you.

Once you have paid the down payment, you will receive an email with all the details we need from your end to get started. That will include sending your design to us!

You can send this design as a .JPG or .PDF. Check for the email to find out where and how to send everything.

When sending your design, let us know what size you need for the stamp, as well as any other details you think we may need. Double check that all your notes and measurements are correct. The stamp will be created off your information, so be sure it is exactly what you need.

Please bear in mind, we are not a design service. We cannot create a design from scratch for you. You must have a well thought out design of your own for us to help you turn it into an embossing stamp.

If for any reason we cannot create your stamp, we will let you know and see how we can help you in any other way.

How long will it take for the stamp to be ready?

Once you have agreed to the pricing and the final design, the stamp can be ready for use in approximately 10-14 business days after the invoice has been paid.

Great, I have my stamp done! Now what?

We can keep the stamp here in the shop and do all the work of embossing your leather orders for you, with a small service fee each time we do (0.50 per stamp; .43 if you have a Pro account).

If you have us using a die to click your leather too, we can get 50-60% of your work done right here in our shop, saving you even more time!

Or, we can send it right out to you so you can brand your items yourself! The smaller the stamp, the easier it is to use it at home. For larger designs, you may want our assistance.

Our embossing service is nonrefundable. Please note, for liability reasons, we will only stamp leather that was purchased from The Leather Guy.

Now that we’ve covered all that, let’s add that unique stamp to your next projects. Start your stamp order here and make your mark!

If you have any further questions that were not addressed here, please reach out to us at sales@theleatherguy.org and we can try and help in any way we can.