Leather Embossing Service

Minimum Order Requirements

We no longer sell stamps for you to purchase and use yourself. The only stamps that will be available for purchase are the ones to be used in our press machines. If you desire to have a by-hand stamp made, please reach out to our manufacturer Leather Stamp Maker.

What can be stamped?

Create the design you want to stamp

We are not a design service. We cannot create a design from scratch for you. You must have a well-thought-out design of your own for us to help you turn it into an embossing stamp. That design must then be turned into a computer file that can be easily sent off to be price-quoted and created.

Not very computer technical? Hire someone on Fiverr to create a high-quality image for you. Or use a free design program to put together a design, such as Canva. The file must be saved as either a .JPG or .PDF. Make sure to include the size dimensions, as well.

What costs should you factor in?

Stamps can range from $100 - $250. The more intricate the design, the more the stamp will typically cost. The embossing service fee is 0.75 per embossing, or 0.64 if you have a Pro account. You are also responsible for the purchase of the leather itself.

Our embossing and die creation service is nonrefundable. For liability reasons, we will only stamp/emboss leather that was purchased from The Leather Guy. If you choose to reach out and have a stamp made for at-home use, The Leather Guy is not responsible for the misuse of that stamp.

How do you order your leather stamp?

The stamp will be created off the file you send us, so double-triple-quadruple-check that everything looks correct. Send the high-quality, .JPG or .PDF file, and dimensions to dylan@theleatherguy.org to get the stamp quoted.
The cost of the stamp, leather, and embossing fees are required to be paid before the stamp will be greenlit to be made.

Once payment has been received, the stamp will go into production and The Leather Guy will have it in hand, ready to emboss within two weeks. We will then process the order and ship your awesome, custom leather patches within two weeks after the date of arrival of the stamp. Overall, the process takes roughly about 30 days or a month.

If you have any further questions that were not addressed here, please reach out to us at dylan@theleatherguy.org and we can try and help in any way we can.