Handcrafted Leather Lace Cutting Service

Made in the USA

From our Colorado Deer to our Minnesota Superior Cow lace, we manufacture most of the lace that we sell in our shop right here at The Leather Guy. So when you buy these laces, you know they were handcrafted with care, right here in the USA.

We stand behind our laces 100%, since we’re still producing them the same way they’ve been made for 40+ years.

Deerskin Lace VS Cowhide Lace

Deerskin is soft to the touch, very pliable, and typically used as decoration or as a finishing touch. Cowhide is tougher with a stiffer temper, giving you more utilization.

Deerskin lace makes for gorgeous detail work. Especially with your more traditional whipstitch and buckstitch techniques, giving your projects a polished look. It is also perfect for fringe and jewelry work, due to its soft feel.

Cowhide lace is one one of the strongest leather laces you can get your hands on. This is the lace you want to use for lacing up your work boots and baseball gloves. It’s durable and meant for more wear and tear. And of course, it can also be used decoratively for a more rustic look.

We also have fashion lace! Though it is cowhide lace, it is not thick and rugged, so it's typically used in the same ways as Deerskin lace.

Bulk Leather Lace Orders

If your business is running through laces at a tremendous pace, we can offer you our bulk cutting service.

For anyone looking to order 10,000 laces or more at a time, we can offer you a discount, customization, such as lace length and width, and priority in our manufacturing process.

Pricing depends on the size of the order, so be sure to reach out to us for a quote.

So if you are ready to keep yourself flush with lace, reach out to Dylan via email at dylan@theleatherguy.org. He’ll be able to walk you through the pricing and turnaround time and get you all squared away!