Cow Horns

Professionally polished, premium AAA quality cow horns buffed/sanded to a glossy finish. 


We carry sizes from 10" up to 35". Measurements are straight across from tip to opening and are not measured on the curve. Larger horns have limited availability and sell out quickly.


Horns can be customized in a number of ways. You can use the horn as a canvas to etch, carve, draw or burn a design into it (traditionally known as scrimshaw). Additionally, you can add metals, such as brass, to create a smooth rim for items such as drinking horns.

Drinking Horns - Treat It Before You Drink It

If you are planning to create a drinking horn you will need to follow steps in order to prepare it safely in order to avoid getting sick! The inside will need to be cleaned and sealed with either beeswax or some other food-safe lacquer/sealer. Horns should not be used for hot liquids as this could cause the horns to warp and cause some finishes like beeswax to begin to melt.


Cow horns have a multitude of uses that many people may be unaware of. Horns can be used for an assortment of everyday house items. Tableware; bowls, plates, utensils and spice containers are some common uses. Additionally, you can use them for many bathroom and office accessories. Furthermore, there is a large industry in jewelry. Things like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, brooches and rings are some examples. Due to the unique nature of horns anything you create will not be like any other!

Unique Colors & Patterns

Two main colors that are found in horns are white and black. However, you will run across additional colors like brown, tan, cream, and grey. Horns are very unique, so even when they are produced from the same cow or steer they can have differences. Pictured is only a small glimpse into the world of color and pattern possibilities.