How-Tos for Leathercraft Projects

How To Dye Leather

Jul 16 2019 0 Comments

How To Dye Your Leather Can't find the color of leather you would prefer? Maybe you should try dyeing it!  Natural, unfinished leathers take dye easiest, making natural vegetable tanned leather one of the best options for customizing. You can certainly add color to already dyed pieces, but be warned that the process can take longer to achieve a color you are looking for and yield uneven results if not done properly. This also limits you to only being able to make a lighter color darker. Black cannot be dyed to another color (but you could certainly paint it). To...

How-To Make a Simple Leather Sunglasses Case

May 28 2019 0 Comments

A quick and easy no-sew project for Summer! Summer is right around the corner which means longer days and more sun! It also means expanding your sunglass wardrobe. It's easy to misplace them or scuff them in your beach bag, farmer's market totes, under your car seats, or even your back pockets. This is such a simple leather project, you can make a case for every pair of glasses you own in one afternoon. Plus, if you're already handy around a craft room, you may have a number of the tools needed already. If not, they're inexpensive to pick up....

How-To Make A Simple Leather Pendant Necklace

May 06 2019 0 Comments

Make Your Own Leather Pendant   Making your own leather jewelry is easier than you think! Creating a simple leather pendant is very much in the same vein as making an earring, so if you are at all familiar with that process, you'll take to this very easily! If not, it's simple to pick up and you'll be a pro in no time! Before getting started, check out the list below for the tools you'll want handy. Tools needed for this project: -Leather Earring Blanks (Any shape and size, can be done with single pieces or multiples for stacking) -Jewelry...

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