Dog Collar Kit

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Dogs always show us love, so show them a little in return with a handcrafted and customized dog collar!

Get everything you need to make 1-2 basic collars (depending on how big of a collar you are making). Add paint, spikes, jewels, etc to take this collar up another notch. Or keep it sweet and simple. It is up to you!

This project is beginner and kid-friendly. Please note that this collar is best suited for smaller dogs. Large or working dogs may require a thicker leather strap.

Check out our blog post for step by step instructions.

Choose from two kits:

Dog Collar Kit - 1/4" nickel Rapid Rivets (10 pk), Heavy Duty Hole Punch Set, 3/4" D-Rings (10 pk), 3/4" Nickel Buckle (1), (1) 3/4" oil-tanned strap.

Dog Collar Kit (No Tools) - includes 3/4" D-Rings (10 pk), 3/4" Nickel Buckle (1), (1) 3/4" oil-tanned strap, nickel Rapid Rivets (10 pk)


*This is not a finished product. You are purchasing a kit to finish the project yourself. This kit does not include a rivet setter. If you need one, please find it here*