Leather Reference Rings

Leather reference sample rings are a great way to help you, or others, learn about different leather types, feel and thicknesses in a hands on way. We try to do our best with giving you as much information about our leather as we can, but that doesn't measure up to having it in your hands while enjoying that wonderful leather smell.

Everything on these sample rings can be found in our shop.

  • Finish/Texture Ring: Features 17 conventional finishes and textures found throughout the leather world.
  • Animal Types Ring: Includes 11 of the most common animals used in the leather industry.
  • Tempers Ring: Contains 5 samples of the pliability or softness of leather. It is important to know the temper of the leather you’re working with so you can be sure you are using the leather for the correct project with the correct tools.
  • Weights in Ounces Ring: This ring is composed of 8 of the most popular thicknesses found in our shop.
  • Types of Cow Ring: Features 10 kinds of cow leather, several of which are conveniently named according to their most common usages. Cowhide is the most versatile leather with its usages spanning through a multitude of project spaces.


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