Leather 101: What Leather Should I Use?

Taylor Miles
Leather 101: What Leather Should I Use?

We receive a lot of questions asking "What leather should I use?". Often, the leather needed is very dependent on the item you are creating and how you want it to function or look in the end.

Leather Earrings, for example.

We have a large variety of customers who love very thin and soft leather so they can easily fold, stack, or manipulate the leather, while we have others who like the look of stiff and thick leather.

Others want only veg-tan so they can dye or stamp their earrings.

Keeping your preferences in mind, we have created a number of lists here with what we've seen to be the most popular uses for the tannage and thickness we carry. These lists are not written in stone. If you should find that you prefer a certain type of leather for a certain project that is not on our lists, you aren't wrong!

Leatherworking is a process that takes time and effort to perfect and everyone has different preferences!

Just as not all painters like working with oil paints for portraits, leather workers may prefer working with oil-tan for a project most would use veg-tan for.

Feel free to use these lists as a jumping-off point and experiment as you go!

We also have Reference Rings for sale here in the shop, that allows you feel and see the difference in leather types, tempers, finishes, and thickness. 

>>>If you are new to leather, these lists use the terms "ounces" and "temper". Please read our blog "Leather 101: Leather Thickness and Temper" to learn more!


vegetable tanned leather

chrome tanned leather

oil tanned leather

hair on hide leather

deerskin buckskin leather

bison buffalo leather

exotic leather


There are a number of other factors that go into picking the leather you like best! Keep reading our blog posts and learn everything from how leather is tanned to what different textures on leather are called so you’ll be in the know while you shop! 

We just recently started selling sample rings in our shop that allow you to see different thickness, finish, temper, and leather types. If you would like to see and feel each of these types of leather yourself, pick up a ring today!

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