Colorado Leather Goods at The Leather Guy

Colorado Leather Goods at The Leather Guy

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Colorado Leather Goods is now part of The Leather Guy. 

Colorado Leather Goods was a 44-year-old Leather Goods Manufacturing and Mercantile Trading Company. In 2017 Dan Drayer, the previous owner of Colorado Leather Goods, fell ill and sadly passed away. In early October of 2017, Colorado Leather Goods was sold to Keith and Tracy Brubaker, the owners of The Leather Guy

Previous Owners Dan & Verna DrayerCurrent Owners Keith & Tracy Brubaker

Original Owners of Colorado Leather Goods: Dan & Verna Drayer       Current Owners: Keith & Tracy Brubaker


The physical Colorado store has been closed and now houses a new (non-leather related) business. The Leather Guy has moved all of the equipment and the leather to their facility in Minnesota, and you can still purchase leather and leather supplies online, at The Leather Guy's website! Unfortunately, we did not purchase the bead portion of the business and do not sell beads at TLG. The business who purchased the bead portion of Colorado Leather Goods has decided to remain anonymous and did not provide any forwarding information with which to direct you to them, sorry.

Tracy would like to add: "It was very nice getting to know Dan and Verna and learning the lace cutting business from them. It was very important to them that we would take care of their customers the way they did and to continue to offer a quality product. We built our business at The Leather Guy with quality products and excellent customer service."

Feel free to contact us with any leather questions you have and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Shop our website at or give us a call at 507-932-3795.


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