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Where To Look For Small Business Relief During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Where To Look For Small Business Relief During Coronavirus Lockdowns



We know times are a little uncertain, and that many of you have had to close your shops or cancel your first spring markets and shows.


Closed but still awesome


If you are looking for some resources to help you weather this storm, check out some of the following info to help your small business.

-Small Business Grants with Facebook

-Business Resource Hub also through Facebook, provides some insight and information to help you manage your business during this time.

-Disaster Loan Assistance with the US Small Business Administration

-Kabbage is allowing small businesses to sell Gift Certificates through their service. If you don't have a website, this is a way to issue gift cards for future use. 

-Each State is offering various forms of assistance. Click here to find your Governor and their website, complete with any aid they may have available.

-Currently Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle have some large scale local initiatives to help small businesses. If you're in one of those states or cities, click the links to see what's available.

-Your local Chamber of Commerce can help you find local initiatives, programs, and aid.

The IRS has issued some changes for Tax Relief at this time.

Please know that all these recommendations may have interest or fees attached to them. Be sure to read everything before committing to any of them.

We know this is an unfamiliar situation we all find ourselves in. The bright side of this situation means you now have time to spend with family and pets. Time to catch up on your reading. Time to build up your inventory for your shops and upcoming shows. You have time to try some new techniques or designs. Time to learn to promote yourself in new ways, to reach new people.


Make the best with this weird state we find ourselves in.  Support local businesses. Donate time or goods to the places that need it. Promote your friends and fellow craftsmen. Do whatever you can do to help and we'll all pull through together! See you on the other side everyone.


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