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From the Golden State to the Big Apple, this leather collection will take you on an adventure across the USA, allowing you to show off your state pride! Perfect for re-upholstering, creating purses and wallets, or even show chaps, Tried n' True has been combat-tested and battle approved!


Leather Information

  • Leather Type: Cow
  • Pack Sizes: 4" x 6" / 8" x 10" / 12" x 12"
  • Thickness: 3 - 4 OZ (1.2 - 1.6 MM)
  • Texture: Pebble Grain
  • Tannage: Chrome Tan
  • Temper: Soft
  • Finish: Satin
  • Blemishes: Overall, these sheets are in decent shape.  However, you may see holes, scars, and other blemishes here and there.


Pack Information

Melting Pot
Boston Cream Off-White, Texas Black Tea, Big Sky Blue, Viking Purple, Big Apple Red, San Antonio Saddle Brown, Seattle Roast Brown, Williamsburg Baby Blue, San Diego Sweet Pink, Valencia Orange, Hawkeye Yellow, Deep Atlantic Ocean, Napa Concord Grape, Sacramento Valley Almond, Naval Base Blue, Tucson Turquoise, and Cleveland Cappuccino
Over the Rainbow
Big Apple Red, Valencia Orange, Hawkeye Yellow, Deep Atlantic Ocean, Big Sky Blue, and Viking Purple.
Carnival Cotton Candy
San Diego Sweet Pink, Williamsburg Baby Blue, Boston Cream Off-White, Tucson Turquoise, Viking Purple, and Hawkeye Yellow.
Midwest Basics
Texas Tea Black, San Antonio Saddle Brown, Seattle Roast Brown, Boston Cream Off-White, and Big Apple Red.
America the Brave
Big Sky Blue, Williamsburg Baby Blue, Big Apple Red, Boston Cream Off-White, and Texas Black Tea.


Please Note

  • Price is per pack.
  • The back (suede side) color may change from dye lot to dye lot.
  • These leather pre-cuts are sold for their finished, or top, side.  The backs may have tannery marks, score marks, writing, and other blemishes.  
  • If you need pre-cuts with a clean back, please add a note to your order asking so.  We will reach out to you if we are unable to fulfill this.
  • This is a BULK LISTING.  You will be receiving a leather sheet similar to the picture of the color you chose.  These leathers are stock and are available in the following: lacingscrapsearring blankssides, and project pieces.