Self Sealing Silicone Glue Brush Set

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This is a complete glue and container set for your workbench. The silicone container and dual head brush have a unique lock and seal feature.

  • This product is for water-based adhesive only. It is not for use with solvent-based adhesive. The container is for short term storage only, not recommended as a glue container replacement.
  • The silicone brush with mini bristles retains more glue in one spread.
  • Paddle tip can remove excess glue and applies additional adhesive with precision.
  • The brush serves as the seal to prevent the glue from drying.
  • The 100 ml bottle is non-stick and has a brush holder lid. 
  • Use warm water to clean up the brush when glue is wet.
  • Patent pending glue brush and container set.