MooBuzz All-Natural Leather Protection

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Scentless and made with 100% natural, no-nonsense ingredients, MooBuzz® All-Natural Leather Protection is the waterproofer and conditioner to reach for when you want your leather to last.

MooBuzz uses only natural, locally-sourced Neatsfoot Oil and Beeswax in their formula - no, really, that’s it! This product is made in the USA and uses 100% recycled materials in its products and containers.

Try MooBuzz today - you will be happy you did!


Leather Protection and Conditioners

  • 3.5 OZ Original Tin - Waterproofs and conditions leather in one easy step.

  • 2 OZ Travel Tin - Does the same as the original only in a smaller. T.S.A. approved size.

  • 2 OZ Swifty-Stick - Set in a kraft paper tube, this on-the-go Swifty-Stick will waterproof and condition your leather goods!  Other uses can include un-squeaking door hinges, un-sticking sticky drawers or window sashes, speeding up zippers, and lubricating heavy thread!

  • 2 OZ Matte Black or Brown Pigment Tin - This product conditions, waterproofs, and adds a matte color in one easy step. Still made with the most natural ingredients, the only new addition is natural pigment!


Brushes and Accessories

  • Horsehair Shine Brush - This Shine Brush is 6.75" x 2.125" with a waxed hardwood block handle and 100% horsehair filled bristles.

  • Shine Cloth - 14" x 14" 100% cotton fleece cloth with one side for smoothing and buffing and a fuzzy side for adding shine. Machine washable.


Starter Care Kit

  • Travel Tin
  • Shine Brush
  • Shine Cloth

Our Starter Care Kit offers the easy-to-use tools you need to keep your leather looking and feeling timeless.


Check out a video from the maker of MooBuzz below!