Leather Pre-cut Belt Blanks 54” long 9-10oz Minnesota Superior Cowhide

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Minnesota Superior belt blanks are 100% genuine leather that will outlast any synthetic knockoff or leather bonded belt. Leather is a long-term resource that will give back triple-fold, when taken care of, by standing the test of time for you, your wallet, and our planet.


  • Leather Type: Minnesota Superior Cow
  • Widths: 1" | 1 ½”
  • Thickness: 9 - 10 OZ (3.6 - 4 MM)
  • Length: 54"
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Finishes: Premium / Rustic Waxed / Semi-Gloss / Ultra-Smooth
  • Temper: Semi-Firm
  • Blemishes: Each belt blank will have minimal to no blemishes.


Finish Descriptions

  • Ultra-Smooth - like the name suggests, totes a smooth, solid surface that gives a classic look to any project.
  • Semi-Gloss - Gives you that Ultra Smooth finish, but with a little more formal shine.
  • Rustic Waxed - Rustic personality with a pull-up finish.
  • Premium - Close to the Rustic Waxed, but not as rustic. This finish is a smooth waxed surface that isn’t too shiny.


Please Note

  • Price is per belt blank.
  • This a bulk listing. You will receive a belt blank similar to the pictures.
  • Our belt blanks are cut at 55" with a hole at top for warehouse storage.
  • The back, or suede side, may vary from hide to hide.
  • These leather pieces and sides are advertised and sold for their finished, or top, side. The backs may have tannery marks, score marks, writing, and other blemishes.
  • 1 ½” width are perfect for men's belt blanks.  1" are perfect for womens.


Common Uses

Perfect for, but not limited to, belt blanks, purse or bag straps, guitar or instrument straps, or gun slings.