Safety Beveler or Super Edge Beveler Skiver Leather Tool and Replacement Blades

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Safety Beveler Skiver

  • This is a dependable and reliable standby leathercrafting tool.
  • This is shaped to prevent cutting too deeply, and skives leather smoothly and easily.
  • Splices leather lace safely, and with accuracy.
  • Includes 1 blade.


Super Edge Beveler Skiver

  • This is the easiest hand skiving tool to use, skives most thicknesses of leather without cutting too deep.
  • It features a heavy duty construction that is perfect for skiving.
  • It has a contoured handle for a perfect grip and an easy to replace blade.
  • Includes 3 blades.


Additional Blades

  • Pack of 10
  • Replacement blades fit the Super Skiver, Safety Skiver, Australian Strander and Lace Maker.