Black, 4-6 SqFt, 12-13 oz, Skirting Bellies

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Skirting can be tooled like any other vegetable tanned piece! They are dyed but, have no finish. This means the dye will transfer to your hands or things it rubs against. There is nothing wrong with the leather, that's just the way skirting is made! If you're looking to avoid transfer, look into Resolene to seal that top layer. 
This is a bulk listing.  You will receive a piece similar to what is pictured. 
  • Style of Leather: Skirting Cow Belly
  • Color: Black
  • Square Foot: 4-7 sq ft on average
  • Dimensions (squared): will vary (see images for reference)
  • Thickness: 12-13 ounces 
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Tannage: Dyed Vegetable Tan
  • Temper: Stiff
  • Finish: Satin
     *This is a bulk listing. Hides will vary in size, shape and may have blemishes and/or grain damage. 
These are great for small projects like belts, halters, cinches, saddle strings, sheaths, guitar straps, collars, small straps, any other small projects that you can think of. Great for repairs. There could be a hole, or other minor scratches, but nothing major. The bellies are of good quality, smaller pieces of Bridle leather. The bellies vary in size from one end to the other.