Low-Grade, Single Polished Cow Horns

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Professionally polished, premium quality, AAA quality cow horns buffed/sanded to a glossy finish. No buffing or sanding needed.


  • Lengths: 18" - 23" - These are measured straight across from tip to opening - not on the curve.
  • Colors: These horns will mainly be a combination of black and white.  You may also see tan, brown, and grey.
  • Grade: These horns are considered "LOW GRADE" and have been discounted. Each horn in this listing has at least one of the following; deep scratches, dents toward the opening, or broken tip. (see photos)   


Please Note

  • These horns are individually listed.  There are no pairs.  You will be receiving the horn you select.
  • These horns are "LOW GRADE" and will not be returnable.  
  • If you are making this into a drinking horn/mug, you will need to treat the inside with a protective food-grade sealant.  It will make you sick if you don't.