Vegetable Tanned Leather

Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather is distinctive for its tanning process. This process utilizes old world recipes using tree bark and other natural components. This produces beautiful tooling leather that is strong, but remains workable.

Vegetable tanned leather has been around since ancient times and continues to be prevalent today. Like the name suggests vegetable tanning is an organic way to treat leather. Hair and fat are removed from the skin and the water molecules are drawn out of the hide. After that, hides soak in vats filled with tannins from bark or leaves. This preserves the hide and allows it to remain flexible instead of drying out. The process can take weeks, or even months depending on the tanneries method.

Veg tan has a natural buff color and with a surface devoid of oils and wax. Because of this, the leather is easy to dye to a color of your preference. Additionally, this leather has a firm, but flexible temper. As a result it is perfect for tooling leather projects such as molding, carving, stamping and more. The applications are nearly endless, from saddles and gun holsters, to shoe soles, body armor, jewelry, bags and so much more.

The Leather Guy is proud to have its own line of Veg Tan Leather called Artisan’s Choice! Artisan’s Choice is a high quality leather that boasts a sleek smooth top side, and a flush clean suede back side on all pieces. It is the top choice for all leather artisans.

When it comes to sizes, we carry sides, double shoulders, project pieces, pre-cuts and even earring blanks! We also have a great selection of dyed Veg Tan Leather to choose from if you’re looking for a splash of color in your next project.