Non-Stock Black, 3-5 oz, 5-13 SF, Buckskin Deer Hides

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Buckskin is known for its soft and pliable temper and the distinctively rustic look and texture.  Another way to refer to buckskin is American or Domestic Deer.  These hides are processed from wild deer and are typically 3-5 OZ in thickness, making them the perfect weight for garments, regalia, bags, moccasins, and much more.  These hides are what we use to cut our Colorado Deerskin Lace - right here in-house!


Leather Information

  • Style of Leather: Deer
  • Choose Colors: Black
  • Square Foot: 5-7 SqFt / 8-10 SqFt / 11-13 SqFt
  • Thickness: 3 - 4 OZ (1.2 - 1.6 MM)
  • Texture: Flat Grain
  • Temper: Soft
  • Finish: Matte
  • Tannage: Chrome Tan
  • Blemishes: These hides are from wild deer, so most will have bullet holes, arrow holes, scars, scratches, and other blemishes. See a breakdown of the available grades below.



Economy hides will still be in decent condition. However, they may have more noticeable holes, scratches, and defects found throughout the deer hide. There is still a lot of usable leather on these hides - they didn't quite cut it to be premium.

 Craft hides WILL BE uneven in color and have dark spots, holes, multiple instances of bug bites, scars, scratches, and other blemishes.  The price reflects the craft-grade quality.


Please Note

  • Price is per hide.
  • This is a BULK LISTING.  You will be receiving a  hide similar to the picture.
  • These hides will have natural edges and blemishes as they are wild deer.
  • This leather can be shipped outside the United States with proper permits and inspections.
  • This leather also has scrap. You can find that here!
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