Leather Lace
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Vegas 36 in. Cow Lace 1/4 & 1/8 in. Widths 3-4 oz, 25 Pack

From: $22.50 - $45.00

  • Roulette Red
  • Excaliburs Silver
  • Purple Reign
  • I Do Blue
  • +2
Rock n Roll Cow 25 count 36" Lacing Bundle 1/8" and 1/4" Widths 3-4 oz

From: $22.50 - $45.00

  • So What Pink
  • Mercury Grey
  • Back In Black
  • Dark Brown Sugar
  • +2

The Leather Guy is proud to carry a large variety of leather lacing. In fact, our Minnesota Superior Lace, Colorado Deer Lace and our Fashion Cow Lace is processed here in Minnesota at The Leather Guy!

We sell single laces, packs and spools in various thicknesses, depending on your project's needs. The Superior Lace, for example, runs thicker, making it very durable, perfect for Boot Laces, Saddle Strings, Ball Glove Lacing and Cow Lace Fringe. The Fashion Cow Lace is a bit thinner and softer with more exciting color options, making it better suited for crafting, jewelry, decorations or just adding a bit of flash to your project. The Colorado Deer Lace is rich in color and very soft to the touch. It’s the perfect thickness and texture for beading, jewelry, dream catchers and so much more.