Soft Rabbit Fur Pelts - Packs & Singles

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Leather Information

  • Leather Type: Rabbit
  • Colors: Natural Earth Tones and White/Off White
  • Approximate Dimensions: 13"-16" x 9"-10"
  • Tannage: Chrome-Tanned
  • Blemishes: There is a possibility of cowlicks, dirt clumps, small holes, score marks, and other types of blemishes.


Please Note

  • These pelts are not graded for pet use.
  • Listing images are merely an example of what you can expect.
  • Due to inventory purposes, we cannot deviate from the color bundle/pack options.
  • These pelts are left their natural colors, meaning that each fur pelt may have slight variations, regardless if they are similar in color.
  • If you purchase multiple natural tone pelts, and you do not leave us a note, you will not get all of the same color.  We pull these pelts by what is at the top.
  • If you need or are looking for a specific color, please add a note to your order and we will do our best to pull what you request.  However, request must correlate to the color you're purchasing.


Common Uses

These leather pelts can be used in a variety of ways, including: glove, moccasin, or hat lining, and decoration.