Leather Usages

This is a non-comprehensive list of what you could use leather for.


Brain tanned 

Buffalo leather 

Calf Leather 

Cowhide 1-2 oz 

Cowhide 3-4 oz

Cowhide 5+ oz Soft 

Cow hide Suede


Deer hides

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Shoes Shoes Upholstery
Table Runners Table Runner Vests
Upholstery Vests Wraps
Watch Bands Watchbands
Wraps Wraps


Designer/Fashion Cow

Exotic / Embossed


Hair on Bison hide

Hair on Cow hide

Hair on Deer hide

Hair on Goat and Calf

Hair on sheep

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Shoes / boots
Table Runners
Tablet Sleeves
Watch bands


Heavy Chrome tanned


Metallics (any)

Oil tanned cow

Oil tanned cont.



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