Grunge Russet Brown, 6.1 Sq Ft, 2-3 oz Goatskin Hide

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Leather Info

  • Leather Type: Goatskin
  • Color: Red toned Brown
  • Square Foot Options: 6.1
  • Largest Square Dimensions: 13" x 26"
  • Thickness: 2 - 3 OZ (.8 - 1.2 MM)
  • Temper: Soft
  • Texture: Suede
  • Tannage: Chrome Tan
  • Finish: Matte
  • Blemishes: This hide is considered grunge, or low grade. It will have multiple instances of bug bites, scars, brand marks, scratches, uneven color, and other blemishes.
  • Availability: Limited stock, will not be restocked once supplies run out


Please Note

  • You will be receiving the hide in the picture.
  • The back, or suede side, may vary from hide to hide.
  • This hide is considered "LOW GRADE" and has been discounted.
  • These leather pieces and sides are advertised and sold for their finished, or top, side. The backs may have tannery marks, score marks, writing, and other blemishes.


Common Uses

This leather is a popular thin leather that is used throughout the leather industry for projects such as handbags, garments, bookbinding, and shoes to name a few.