Base Camp Burnt Orange, Oil Tanned Summits Edge Sides & Pieces

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Whether you're creating a new pair of boots or recovering an old, worn, and loved journal, Summit's Edge will be there to provide you with the best oil tan leather you'll ever find. Quickly becoming a customer favorite, this collection is rugged, rustic, and ready to outlast either you or me.


Leather Information

  • Leather Type: Cow
  • Color: Burnt Orange
  • Square Foot Options: 6.5-7.5 SqFt / 21-23 SqFt / 24-26 SqFt
  • Average Square Dimensions: 31"x79"
  • Thickness: 5 - 6 OZ (2 - 2.4 MM)
  • Texture: Grainy
  • Tannage: Oil Tan
  • Temper: Semi-Soft
  • Finish: Satin
  • SB Foot Color: Caso 169 (Tan)
  • Blemishes: Overall, these hides are in quality shape; however, they may contain one or more of the following: bug bites, scars, brand marks, scratches, and other blemishes.


Please Note

  • Price is per hide.
  • The back, or suede side, color may change from dye lot to dye lot.
  • Project pieces are $1 more per square foot than sides.
  • Bottom project pieces will more than likely have a brand mark on them.  If you require a piece without a brand mark, please choose either the Top or Middle piece.
  • These leather pieces and sides are advertised and sold for their finished, or top, side. The backs may have tannery marks, score marks, writing, and other blemishes.
  • Project pieces are listed in three sections. The top piece comes from the neck area, the middle piece towards the center of the leather, and the bottom piece is near the rump, or bottom, of the side. Middle pieces are more clean-cut and rectangular. The top and bottom pieces will feature more natural edges.
  • This is a BULK LISTING.  You will be receiving a cowhide similar to the picture.  This leather is a stock color and is available in pre-cutsscrapsbellies, and earring blanks.  To see what colors we can special order, visit our listing here.


Common Uses

This leather can be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: purses, wallets, boots, shoes, saddle bags, gun holsters, earrings, and welding aprons.