Provided Services



What is Clicking?

Clicking is a service that is provided by The Leather Guy for people and manufacturers that don’t have the time to cut out their own patterns.

How it works:

You can request that the leather that you purchase from us be cut into 12”x 12”, 8”x 10”, or 4”x 6” pieces or if you want those sizes we suggest you take a look at our Etsy shop for a wide variety of already pre-cut pieces.

Needing a custom pattern or shape? Send us a template of your pattern and we can get metal die made exactly to your specifications.

The lead time is 2-3 weeks to have a metal die made and for the pieces to be clicked otherwise its approximately 1 week if we already have a die that will work for you.

Please call for price quotes!


Strap / Belt blank cutting!

Do you cut a lot of belt blanks? Tired of cutting straps or just can’t get your straps to cut straight? We have an easy and affordable solution.

When you purchase a hide from us just give us a call and for an additional $12.00 we will cut the hide into straps for you. We will cut the straps any width from 1”-6”.

"One of the best services provided by The Leather Guy! It's stress free and affordable".