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Going Green

After all the rain, here come the flowers. Spring is in bloom and we want to look at how to bring all that color into your leather workshop.

Leather may come in a wide array of colors and prints, but what if they just aren’t quite what you are looking for? That’s where paint and dye come in!

Leather paints and dyes shouldn’t be intimidating

I can hear you, saying you’re not artistically inclined. Well, that’s simply not true. You’re here because you work with leather, creating something by hand. You’re inclined to be artistic for sure.

Leather paints and dyes shouldn’t be intimidating. They’re very straightforward to use, and with a little practice, can be mastered. Maybe you won’t be painting like a Michealangelo, but perhaps your style is a little more Pollock instead.

Here at The Leather Guy, we are big fans of Angelus Paint and Fiebing’s Dye.

Angelus Leather Paints are acrylic paints, meant to move and flex without cracking on leather and vinyl surfaces. This makes them the perfect leather paint for shoes, leather belt details, or adding a pop of color and pattern to tote bags.

Both dye and paint are great options for creating custom colors and prints for your leather goods

Fiebing’s Dyes are alcohol-based dyes, meant to dry uniformly and deeply penetrate the leather with rich color. You can buy them in both Pro Dye and Leather Dye. The leather dye colors vary more widely than the pro colors, so if you want more options, that is where you will want to look! Wondering what the difference is? Read more about it here!

Both dye and paint are great options for creating custom colors and prints for your leather goods. Not only can you use them on goods you are making, but you can also add a little flair to your favorite pair of leather shoes or jackets.

As I said before, don’t be intimidated by paint or dye. Practice on a piece of scrap. Get comfortable before tackling a larger project. Take a little time to make yourself familiar with the process and dive head-first!

To help you along with your progress, check out a few blogs I pulled for you to get a bearing on the whole process of customizing your leather.

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