Made in the USA

July is when we here in America celebrate our Independence Day, so it seems only appropriate to celebrate our American made leather and supplies!

Here at The Leather Guy we offer supplies from US based businesses like Maker’s Leather Supply, CS Osbourne, & Maine Thread.

One of the most famous tanneries in the US, provides all our Oil Tanned leather. And don’t forget our Bison and Buckskin leathers, collected right here in our neck of the woods.

So what are some of the benefits of shopping American-Made?

Products made in USA

  • Customers like to know where their goods are coming from. Just like you may be curious where your leather comes from, your customer buying your finished products usually are as well. This gives you the opportunity to let your customers know everything was sourced and made right here at home!
  • US-Made leather and tools usually have a lower price. As import and freight shipping prices continue to climb, product prices climb to cover the increased cost. When supplies are sourced stateside, shipping can be a lot more reasonable, offsetting the need for price increases.
  • Quality you can trust. You can purchase these goods knowing they were produced in safe factories with fairly paid workers, knowing each company stands behind their goods.

Every purchase this month will receive a rad temporary tattoo! Share your tat on social media with #theleatherguytat and we will pick a couple winners at the end of the month to receive a gift card!

Rad TLG Temp Tattoo

Take some time this month (and the rest of the year) to frequent some of your favorite small and local shops. Shopping for locally sourced goods keeps money in your communities, provides jobs for your neighbors, and helps towns grow!