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The idea of service has always been at the root of The Leather Guy, stemming from our owners community outreach and mission work.

We seek ways to incorporate their passion into our business and aim to raise awareness of people and organizations that may get overlooked. Through donations of our time and leather to raising funds with our customers’ help, we give back in our own small ways.

Currently, we are raising funds for Passion 4 Guatemala through our “Round-Up” program at checkout. If you can, consider rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar and help us rebuild towns destroyed by natural disasters.

We hope you’ll take a moment of your time and check out the missions of these organizations that are so special to us.

Human trafficking is something that can be ended and we support Himal’s work in stopping trafficking and helping those affected.

Keith & Tracy’s mission work brought this organization to their attention as it serves the same towns they formed a deep attachment to.

Many of us in The Leather Guy family have veterans in our lives and we believe veterans deserve a hand up and support when needed.

Each summer we donate everything needed to teach the kids at Camp Victory leatherworking basics and introduce them to a new way of working with their hands.

We are firm believers that no one in your community should struggle when there is enough to go around. The Resource Center ensures that their food bank is always stocked and ready for those who need it.

Addiction has affected many of our lives.  Teen Challenge is an amazing resource that frees people from life controlling issues through the power of Jesus.