Remnant Made started out as a way to repurpose fabric and leather remnants, worn out jackets and other textiles. Today, Jen and Hal, the husband and wife team at Remnant Made use leather almost exclusively on their carry goods and accessories. They live in Wilmington, North Carolina where they enjoy the beach, surfing and everything raising a family on the coast can offer. Together, they make bags, clutches, pouches and earrings with a goal of using every bit of leather down to the last remnant. Each piece is a collaboration between the two. Jen sews the leather bags and accessories on her vintage industrial Singer while Hal takes great care in all the finishing details like straps, snaps, rivets and grommets. They work together on every design, striving for simplicity, functionality, durability, integrity, and beauty. Finding ways to utilize every last scrap of leather has become a method in keeping their designs fresh and creative.

“Our work is obviously handmade and not mass produced, using simple and functional designs that are versatile and durable and will have lasting style. The longer it’s used, the more worn in, well “loved” and beautiful it becomes!” –Jen

Being a family of five, work space is a bit limited so the family’s 1 car garage has been transformed into the studio. They’re able to fit a few dedicated work benches for cutting, assembly, punching and rivet setting while Jen’s sewing machine enjoys a naturally lit space in our living room. They love to be surrounded with inspiring decor, so for Jen that means hanging plenty of beautifully worn leather goods on the walls with art and prints. Hal takes a liking toward anything that has to do with vintage motorcycles or hotrods and design.

Along with the Remnant Carry Co, Jen and Hal started a companion company named Remnant Industrious. A complete home renovation paired with Hal’s carpentry skills sparked this idea. They have since been able to help others through redesigning and building out their residential spaces as well as some commercial spaces. Although running a multi-faceted business while raising a family has its challenges, the passion for their crafts is the driving force behind their success.

Advice for new leatherworkers from Jen and Hal:
“Make things that you like and give them away, even if they’re not perfect — especially if they’re not perfect. You’ll keep getting better, and they’ll get something handmade by you that they will most likely treasure. You’ll be surprised by how many start asking if they can pay you to make something for them to give someone else. We recently had a friend show Hal the key lanyard he made and gave to him about 10 years ago. It started out a scrap of leather and he still uses it every day and won’t replace it. To us that’s what it’s all about - giving value or purpose or new life to something that might normally be overlooked or tossed aside.“

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