About Us | The Leather Guy
The Leather Guy was born in 1997 from the desire to relax on weekends and spend time with our 2 children (then toddlers) and friends at Rendezvous. For those that don’t know, Rendezvous are pre-1840 reenactments of the fur trade era. We slept in canvas tents, cooked over open fire and used no electricity…relaxing. We would sell ‘little things’ like beads, baskets, antlers. We ‘accidentally’ ran across leather and Keith thought maybe that would sell at Rendezvous. We tried it and to say the least, it has been a success.

We had spent many years promoting our business on the road in the Midwest at various weekend festivals. In 2001, we started selling leather and supplies on eBay just to see if it would sell. We spent the next 3 years building our online business out of our house. We got to the point where we were busting at the seams and had to move to a ‘real’ location. We spent the next 6 years at 437 West 5th St. and to our surprise we out grew that too.

In the fall of 2012, the right opportunity came up and we moved again to 149 West Circle Drive, St. Charles, MN. This time we have tripled our space. We have added dedicated picture taking areas, and are honing our photography skills to give you the best photos and descriptions that we can. We have gone from 2 employees to 15. We continue to look for new lines of leather and supplies to offer. We have learned to listen to our customers, so never be afraid to ask us for something.

Feel free to give us a call at 507-932-3795 if you need anything! Stop by if you are ever close enough. I believe we will be at our current location for a long time, but I have learned to never be certain about anything.

We want to thank ALL of our customers worldwide for getting us to where we are now. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. We appreciate everything you have all done for us.

God bless to you all.