Leather 101's

  • What is Deerskin Leather?

    What is Deerskin Leather?

    Deerskin leather has long been ingrained within North American history. Native Americans tanned deer hides through a method of smoking them with woodsmoke. These hides were called buckskin and were used for clothing, pouches and a whatever soft leather was desired for.
  • What Is Bridle Leather?

    What Is Bridle Leather?

    Bridle Leather is a traditional vegetable tanned leather that has both the flesh and grain side of the leather stuffed with greases and finished with wax. This gives the leather an ultra-smooth appearance, both back and front. It also creates a softer, more pliable leather than veg tanning alone.
  • What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

    What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

    Vegetable tanning has been around since ancient times with records of the process being found in scrolls dating back to ancient Egypt! Hides produced from this process tends to be stiff, but flexible allowing for many applications.
  • Brain Tanned Leather: What is it and how do you use it?

    Brain Tanned Leather: What is it and how do you use it?

    Leather tanning is a process almost as old as human civilization itself! One of the oldest methods still in use is brain tanning. So what exactly is it?
  • Waterproof Vs Water Resistant

    Waterproof Vs Water Resistant

    Believe it or not, there is a difference between these two.
  • How do I dry my leather goods?

    How do I dry my leather goods?

    Think about when you wash your face with water. Sometimes, after you’ve dried your face, you may experience dry and tight skin. Just like with your skin, as the water dries, it removes oils from the hide. This can damage the leather and can leave you with leather that feels hard and rigid.