Fiebing's Neatsfoot Oil 8 oz

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Prime Neatsfoot Oil Compound

Prime Neatsfoot Oil repels water and protects against the stiffening effect of repeated wetting-drying cycles if used before exposure. After exposure, this oil acts as a restorative by taking dried-out leather and making it soft and pliable again. Saddlemakers and Bootmakers alike use the combination of natural and synthetic oils to soften, preserve, and waterproof smooth and harshly used leather. The leather craftsman will find it especially useful for articles such as hand-tooled moccasins, boots, baseball gloves, gun cases, etc.


100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil

Fiebings 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil is a softener and preserver recommended for the care of saddlery and riding boots of horse riders, gun cases and boots of hunter and fishers, shoes and gloves of athletes, and safety belts and gloves of construction workers. The 100% best natural preservative for leather articles subjected to rugged use and outdoor exposure. Since the primary function of this product is to replace the evaporated oils in leather, the best action is to replace it with other natural animal oils. Used and trusted by saddlemakers for decades!


Please Note

  • May permanently darken light colored leathers.
  • Not for use on suede.