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Deerskin comes in many wonderful forms, all with distinctive characteristics. Brain Tanned Deer is very unique as it gets smoked during the tanning process, allowing it to become wet and dry without stiffening. Due to the soft and stretchy quality of this leather, it's ideal for bags and clothing. Buckskin has a rustic appeal while remaining soft and supple, wonderful for regalia and reenactment attire. New Zealand Deer, which is also incredibly soft, comes in a large range of gorgeous colors. This makes it perfect for fashionable bags, jackets, and moccasins. Another unique form of deer is rawhide. It is a very stiff leather but is pliable when wet. Popular uses include making drums, chew toys and lampshades. Deerskin is perfect for whatever project you're planning. To view each kind of deer, head to the drop down menu at the top of the page and select your preferred leather. Or, scroll down now to see every type and color we have!