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      Cow Horn Packs

      Save money when you purchase horns in packs. Packs are set at wholesale prices and is the only way to receive wholesale pricing on horns.
      Pricing: 12 Packs: 5% Discount, 25 Pack: 10% Discount, 50 Pack: 15% Discount, 100 Pack: 20% Discount.
      Colors & Sizes: Horns will be a mix of colors and within the chosen range a mix of sizes.
      PLEASE NOTE: For 50 and 100 pack horns the shipping costs are an estimate and actual shipping costs will be figured once we have your address. You will pay an initial deposit and will be charged the additional amount before shipment. If the deposit is more then what shipping will be you will be refunded the difference. If you want a quote prior to purchasing, please contact us.
      13-17" cow horns are sold out but will be restocked April 2020