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Tips and Tricks for Using Lambskin Leather

Lambskin is a beautiful, soft leather to use for leather crafting. Lambskin comes in colors that match its supple softness. Lambskin is lightweight, yet still strong. Here are a few tips and tricks to use while working with lambskin.

Lambskin on its own

Because it is soft and pliable, lambskin can be used to make things to wear. Some customers use the lambskin for coat inlays. With several pieces of lambskin sewn together, the leather makes a soft and pliable skirt.

Attach lambskin to heavier leather

Many crafters adhere the lambskin leather to a heavier leather in order to use the lambskin for a heavier-duty project. Lambskin on its own is usually 1-2 ounces.

How can the lambskin be attached?

  • Stitch it. The lambskin can be hand stitched to a heavier leather. If the heavier leather is between 2-3 oz., the lambskin could be machine stitched with a home sewing machine as well.
  • Glue it. Master’s All-Purpose Cement is available on our website and is highly recommended for adhering lambskin. Apply one even coat to the suede side of both types of leather. Make sure you get it all the way to the edges so that it doesn’t peel loose. Let the cement dry a minute or two to make it tacky. Line up the corners and the edges and smooth it out carefully so that it is stuck together permanently. Remember to always glue suede sides together! Watch this The Leather Guy Youtube video for a demonstration.
  • Use 3M adhesive spray. Just like with the Master’s All-Purpose Cement, let the adhesive dry slightly and while it is still tacky, but not wet, adhere together. Be sure to prepare for overspray and spray outside for best results.

To what leather should I attach the lambskin?

The 2-3 oz. the veg tan leather is a popular choice. For an even sturdier end product, chose 4 oz. chap leather. To attach to bridle leather, you would need to rough up the side that you are going to glue with sandpaper since bridle leather lacks a suede side.

What can I use this sturdy lambskin for?

Crafters use the sturdy, adhered lambskins for:

  • Tassel keychain. Use two colors of leather to add some interest to the underside of the tassel.
  • Cuffs and bracelets. When there is adhered lambskin, the cuff can be reversible. Also, bonus, the rough suede side isn’t against your skin when front and back are both smooth leather.
  • Earrings. Lots of our customers feature cut-out lambskin leather earrings on their Etsy stores.
  • Headband. Same as cuffs; the adhered lambskin creates a double-sided piece which is soft on both sides.

What have you made with your lambskin from The Leather Guy? Post your project on social media and give us a shout out! We love to see our customer’s projects!